Student Union

The Students' Union of AbhedanandaMahavidyalaya, Sainthia plays a crucial role in the maintenance and development of healthy academic environment of the college. It is also involved in building an intimate relationship with the surrounding communities. The Students’ Union is formed by class representatives elected in a democratic way among which they select office bearers such as General Secretary, Assistant General Secretary, Vice-President etc. They convene regular meetings to discuss different issues pertaining to the welfare of the students. They also organize programmes such as Annual Sports Meet, Annual Cultural Programme, Freshers’ Welcome, and Free Health Checkup camp and so on throughout the year. The General Secretary is a member of most of the advisory sub-committees and also represent the students' in the Governing Body. Involvement in such activities helps them to gain self-confidence and develop their leadership qualities.

Sl.No Name of the Member Post Contact No
1 Sri Sumon Dhibor GS 8972152793