Core Values

Based on the belief and vision of Thakur Sri Sri Satyananda Dev that education has an ameliorative purpose in bettering the future of all concerned, our college has carefully developed core values that serve this cause to the fullest. These core values provide the foundation for all our academic, student-related and community outreach activities and programmes.

•  We are committed to intellectual freedom, integrity, curiosity, inquiry, in-depth analysis and dialogues at multiple levels. This serves the basis of our training in liberal education and preparations of future professionals.

•  We are committed to the spirit of India and its long standing tradition of multicultural co-existence. We encourage freedom of expression for all, compassion for the weak and underprivileged, integrity, honesty and cleanliness. We value and respect all communities irrespective of their creed, religion, caste or culture. We also encourage a spirit of respect towards women. 

•  We are committed towards social and environmental justices on both local and global levels. We encourage students to develop an inclusive and sustainable approach towards both society and environment.

•  We are committed to protect and develop the academic responsibilities entrusted on us. The academic resources (both human and physical resources) are of high value to us and they get all our attention.

•  True to the spirit of Thakur Sri Sri Satyananda Dev, the founder of this Institution, the college continues to foster, support, and encourage all its stakeholders to carry forward the idea of human spirit in its multiple forms and expressions. Grounded in the ancient teachings of India, the college has embraced the modernity with an open and free mind. This inspires the college to combine the ethical spirit of Indian tradition with modern technological orientation to look forward a progressive future.