NSS & NCC engage themselves in many important activities which include:

  • The college NSS wings regularly organize various programmes to build an intimate relation with the society.
  • They organize AIDS-awareness programme, Women’s Day programme etc. which teach them accountability towards the society in general.
  • The college NCC unit encourages and inspires the students to inculcate a sense of patriotism. It also works tirelessly to help them become conscious and self reliant citizens of the country.
  • The College NSS Units have adopted four different villages, namely Bhabghati, Akolpur, Akna and Pukurpara. Our Units are also engaged in community works in Ward no. 6 and 7 of Sainthia Municipality. The Unitsare also instrumental in maintaining the general health and standard of the college campus for all the stake holders.
  • NSS functions in these areas primarily in two ways: Regular activities and Special Camping Programmes. Our students are continuously engaged in various activities such as, regular health surveys in villages, tree plantations, rallies against smoking, alcoholism and pulse polio immunization and so on. It has also organized a Thalassemia Detection Camp in collaboration with Lions’ Club and Serum, Kolkata.
  • The Students’ Union of the college organizes Health Check-up Camp for the people of the locality on a yearly basis.
  • The College Company of NCC has been organizing a yearly Blood Donation Camp since 2011.
  • The College Company of NCC organized a One Day Workshop on Fire Arms and other instruments of war like LMG, SLR, Rifle, Carbine machinegun, map reading, compass etc. to motivate and encourage students of the local schools and the college to join the NCC and the Indian Armed Force.
  • In 2015, a Special Exhibition on Snakes was also held during the Golden Jubilee Celebration of the college to dispel unqualified fears by way of increasing awareness of the students and the people.

The Students’ Union encourages students of local schools to participate in various social and cultural programmes to build a healthy community relationship across the platforms.