The teams of NCC and that of NSS are the two most vital organs of the college. The total number of volunteers of NSS and NCC combined is more than 500.They organize as well as participate in numerous social as well as environmental awareness programs throughout the year to pursue social upbringing. Activities performed by NSS and NSS volunteers of the college include cleaning of the campus as well as of the adjoining areas, observation of different important days of national importance, organization of blood donation camp, free health check-up, street play, participation in camps, different types of sports, awareness rallies, debate competition, flood relief activities and various social awareness programmes, etc. Proving their abilities and potentialities, they have won numerous trophies and medals in university, state and national levels. It is a matter of great satisfaction and pride for the college.

College has two Units of NSS teams headed by Prof Surojit Das [Unit - i] and Prof.Keshab Bhattacharya [Unit - ii].