Code of Conduct

1. Students must abide by all the rules and regulations set by the college and the university.
2. Students must always read and follow the notices and instructions on the college notice board or on the college website.
3. Smoking, Spitting, use of intoxicants are strictly prohibited inside the campus.
4. Students must stay away from getting involved in any kind of anti-social activities in or outside the campus.
5. Students must maintain the spirit of unity, integrity and harmony in and outside the campus.
6. Ragging is strictly prohibited and a grave offence punishable as per the law of the land.
7. Students must keep the campus clean. Since the campus is a plastic free zone they must refrain from using plastic inside the campus.
8. A student found guilty of misconduct of any nature that disrupts the academic and administrative environment of the college will be severely punished.
9. Use of mobile phones during the class, seminars, and workshops is strictly prohibited.
10. Students must always wear their identity cards inside the campus.
11. Students must attend the the classes regularly and fulfil the terms of conditions of the university examinations laid down by the University of Burdwan.
12. Students who fail to comply with the rules of the college will be fined and punished.